We are the Streetz Legends

A few months ago, I read ‘Boss Up’ by Rick Ross and it made me crave his music so badly. I would re-listen to songs that had come out years ago. I had an opportunity to see him in 2021 at Afronation I’m Puerto Rico, but it was so late. Plus, I was completely devastated because they used him to fill the slot for Burna Boy. If I came to an Afrobeat concert, I want to hear Afrobeats, not a regular rapper. To see video footage, be sure to visit me on IG, YouTube, or TikTok.

So, I scrounged the internet for any upcoming concerts. There weren’t any, so I added myself to the subscribe list of Ticketmaster/Live Nation. I wanted to be first in line when something popped up. Well, it popped up: Legends of the Streetz tour.

Not only did the tickets include Rick Ross, but Jadakiss, Gucci Mane, Trina, Jeezy, and 2CHAINZ. It was in Greensboro, but that’s a hop, skip, and a jump away from Charlotte. So, I booked it.

I stayed at Denim Hotel; it’s a cute little boutique hotel about 7 minutes away from the Coliseum. The theme is denim, so all of their decor is blue jean material. You get free drinks at check-in. And, they serve breakfast, have free wifi, and the location is quiet and safe. Free parking! It’s absolutely adorable and I highly recommend it!

I had been sitting on pins and needles waiting for this show. I went solo because I don’t have time to convince people to go with me. I also went to see Burna Boy solo in Orlando and had a fantastic time!

Quick story: my students don’t know who Burna Boy or Rick Ross is 🤦🏾‍♀️

Anyway…..here’s my review.

The show was very cost effective. I appreciate that, but I also realized why. There were no dancers or background decorations. It was literally just the artist, the DJ, and screens that projected their pictures and names. At other concerts I’ve been to, there were drum circles, ladies that twerked, ladies that dressed like praise dancers in their white linens, and sexy men to twirl female singers around. This was no show. I loved the songs! There was one photo booth for pictures. I didn’t try the food, and I didn’t need drinks since my hotel covered that. Great nostalgia, but no showcase by any means.

Quick question, is Trina pregnant? She wore this big dress and barely danced at all.

The most entertaining parts were from the audience. I usually go to a different type of performance, so this was new to me. People all around me were blazing up. Literally, rolling right there next to me. I bumped him by accident and got nervous because he almost dropped his igbo. I apologized profusely.

In the VIP section, two girls starting brawling. It was so distracting that 2CHAINZ stopped his show to address it. The girls were promptly escorted out. What a waste of money for them.

Lastly, I sat beside the cutest, funniest girl in the arena. She was there solo too. We chatted and laughed throughout the show. Ironically, we were both from Charlotte. So, of course I got her info. She’s a concert fanatic too!

Overall, I’d give the show a six out of ten. I could be biased because I attend a plethora of music events (Dreamville, Roots Picnic, Carnival), but I think I know a good show. Next up, Usher in Vegas. I can’t wait!


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