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QC Book Fair May 2022

Thank you again for believing in us and putting together an incredible workshop! You should be receiving your socks this week so we wanted to share the link below to your Workshop Video Summary. It captures the amazing energy we felt during the workshop and we’re all very grateful to be a part of it with you. Enjoy the fantastic socks you made together and be well!

The Danny and Park Novels Good News Podcast

To hear the interview click here.
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Behind the scenes

Back to School Staff Presentation
Principal Kafele
Summer Leadership Retreat
Energy Bus Presentation to staff
Mr. Robert Jackson
Annual BELL Holiday Party
Mr. Manuel Scott
Teach. Hustle. Inspire.
Amigos De Bolsa Chica Conference July 13, 2020

Int’l Stephen at Columbia, SC Carnival

Peter Thomas from RHOA

BBOC Advisory Board
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