As an educator of 12 years, my focus is on overcoming obstacles. I grew up in a country town in South Carolina. Growing up in high poverty, single family circumstances helped me develop perseverance and a drive to improve my situation with education. And with it, a passion for storytelling.

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Kareem: A Short Story

“He kept his head down all morning. He was not very engaged. That’s why I called an administrator.”

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Marek and Saniah’s Pirate Adventure

“Marek and Saniah’s Pirate Adventure” is the first in a series of adventures the pair take through the use of their imagination. The siblings will learn to rely on each other to make it out of precarious situations.


A series of short stories dedicated to inspire you to fully live!

The Rainbow at the End of the Storm

“My birthday is kind of a big deal to me. “

What He Took

“He wanted to ensure nothing was posted to social media without him knowing it first. The staff waited patiently, wondering what the final word was.”

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