I’ve been trying to see Burna Boy for over a year! Now, I finally have!I first heard and fell in love with Burna Boy when Beyonce released an Afrobeat song years ago on her Black is King album. I was like, “Who is this voice!?”

So, I immediately began listening to his music. I was in love. His initial songs included ‘Ye’, ‘Gbona’, and ‘Kilometer’. Y’all, I was hooked!So, I scoured the internet for his tour. He was all over Europe and Africa. I couldn’t afford that. But, I saw that he was listed in the Afro Nation Festival in Puerto Rico for March 2022. I bought tickets immediately.

Unfortunately, a few days before the festival, they announced that he would not be there. My heart dropped. That’s 50% of the reason I bought the ticket. So, of course I couldn’t fully enjoy the festival. Read about Afro Nation here.

Fast forward to October. I booked for Carnival in Miami. My plan was to fly in Friday after work and stay til Monday. A week before Carnival, I found out the he was going to be in Miami Friday. His concert, however, started before my flight landed. Heartbroken again!

At that point, I decided to find out wherever he was going to be and say, “F it! I’m flying out!” I looked at his schedule and saw that he’d be in the UK in June. So, in my head, I planned to go.

As good fortune would have it, he added an Orlando date in December at the Addition Financial Arena. The Lord knows how to take care of his children. I booked the ticket, flight, and hotel immediately.

And, baby, this concert did not disappoint. First of all, DJ Prince hyped the crowd up with a mixture of old school and recent music. He played reggae, hip hop, and afrobeat. It was a nice way to warm us up because before we knew it, Rotimi ran on stage. I lost it! What a terrific surprise. He even jumped off the stage to mix with the audience. My face still hurts from smiling so profusely.

Listen, Burna Boy came out on that stage with sparks flying everywhere. The audience jumped up and danced the entire night. He performed all of his bangers; even ones he made with Ed Sheeran and the one for ‘Wakanda Forever ‘. On stage, he had 6 dancers dressed in white. He had a live band and drumline. Everyone danced in syncopated steps, intermingling in and out of each other.

Towards the end, people began leaving, I guess to get an Uber home before the crowd released. But I didn’t. I was enraptured in the vibe. It felt like I was in a trance with each note and move.

At the end, he said, “Bye guys,” and walked off the stage. At first, I was hurt. I was having flashbacks to Dreamville when Moneybagg Yo legit just angrily walked off the stage. But this was a ploy. A set up. He came back and performed ‘Last Last’ to a massively hyped crowd. It was the perfect ending to the show.

We sang our hearts out with him. At the end, he waved and blew kisses before walking off the stage. My trance was released and I could move on with my life, completely satisfied.

Thankfully, I booked my hotel a mile from the venue. Instead of waiting with the millions of people that covered the arena grounds, I decided to walk back. Thankfully, I’m pretty fit. It was an easy walk, and others were with me most of the way.

I highly recommend attending one of his concerts. It’s life altering!

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