15 Reasons Why Your 30s are DOPE!

“I am currently thirty five and I feel that I am in a much better place than I was in my twenties.”

My UTI Saved My Life

Usually I’m pretty quiet about my personal life, but since I had a minor scare this year I figured I could help my ladies. I mostly post funny memes, but deep inside I have been sitting on pins and needles since February.  I’m always down to try new products, right. I saw this add aboutContinue reading “My UTI Saved My Life”

Love in the time of Corona

March 13th, I came back home from Charleston, South Carolina. I was down there for a recruitment trip, as a representative of my school district. The career fair was sparse with applicants. There were more schools there than potential employees. The hum was in the air, but I did not realize what the hum meant.Continue reading “Love in the time of Corona”