Starting Over

OMG! Y’all! This past weekend, I was in DC with my family for spring break. You wouldn’t believe what happened to me.

I woke up Saturday morning to an alert from FB that my account was suspended due to recent posts that violated their guidelines. I was shocked because I never post anything inappropriate. So, I attempted to login and it prompted me to verify my account. I attempted to verify my account fifty million times and kept getting booted out. The one time I could get in, I saw Arabic writing all over my page. My heart sank.

Immediately, I began receiving texts from my friends asking if I had been hacked or something. Yes, friends, I was. After several attempts, FB stated that my account would be disabled due to the amount of attempts to get in. Understandable. The only concern I have is when it becomes available again, will they come back [the hackers].

I could not bring myself to cry, but my stomach was all messed up. I couldn’t really enjoy my trip or eat because my nerves were so bad. After three days of no success getting back in, I gave up and decided to create a new page.

My biggest concerns are/were:
Will my friends believe it’s actually me?
Will I regain access to the group I started, which has over 1K people?

There were two positives that came out of all of this. One, I still had access to my IG account and Tiktok. I’m so thankful I did not link them together. That would have been a nightmare, indeed. Two, at least I learned a valuable lesson. Please update your passwords periodically and if there is a two step verification process available, go ahead and set that up. Also, make sure you have your friends’ phone numbers, so you don’t lose them in the process.

Update: I created a new account. Then, magically, a few weeks later I was able to get back into my account. I had to upload my ID to FB to verify it was me. Then, I deleted all the gun pics my hacker posted. Craziness 🤣

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