Steal My Itinerary: Gatlinburg, TN

A group of girls and I decided to plan a trip to Gatlinburg. Now, if you’re my true friend, you know that the last time I went, it was mediocre. I think I figured out why. The key to enjoying Gatlinburg is to rent a cabin. A hotel just doesn’t hit the same spot.

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So, we schlepped up the mountains and enjoyed a beautifully warm cabin. The cabin is called Cloud 9 and sits at the top of the mountain. It has 7 or 8 beds, three levels, home movie theater, pool table, and jacuzzi. Two fire places and indescribable views. About 10 of us stayed and we had a time!

The best part of the trip was watching the sunrise with my homies. We all huddled together in front of the window, waiting for pink and yellow footprints to dot the sky. The funny thing about being in nature like this is, it makes you reflective. You think about true connections and aspirations.

Funny side note: there really are black bears roaming the mountains, so be careful.



Pizza and party with friends



Watch the sunrise


Jayell Ranch: atv, zipline, and horseback riding

Tour downtown Gatlinburg

Lunch: Daiquiri Shack

Moonshine Tasting


Cookout at the cabin


Movie Night: s’mores, popcorn, and lots of drinks


Breakfast and pack up!

So, I guess I need to start working on the next girl’s trip! Where should we go next?


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