Poison: A Novel

Now Available on Amazon

Now available on Amazon!

Book Summary:

Jasmine, a new teacher to the school, returns to her small town to start over. She runs into old friends and rehash old situations. Friends, Lamar and Toni, help Jasmine through tumultuous circumstances and offer her true friendship to help her pull herself through chaos. Just when she thinks life will be mellow, she meets a new man and things begin to tailspin out of her control. Jasmine has to decide whether to stick with the sketchy tactics she is used to or become a better person.

Brooklyn, a successful and beautiful woman, works to build a life that she can be proud of. She owns a stunning home and has a promising career. The only thing she is missing is a family. In her heart, she wants the family she never had growing up.

Their lives intertwine in a peculiar way. Friends and lovers reveal their true selves as the ladies deal with real life situations.

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