A few weeks ago, I was on Beyonce’s internet searching for a Tabata class. I frequently like to incorporate new practices into my fitness routine to keep it spicy and new.

Last week, I took a soca fit class. So, I assumed this would be similar. I also assumed since I’m relatively fit, it would be a breeze. It was not, but it was fun. I had no idea that I had not been using certain muscles that I used today [Insert the correct names for booty and thigh muscles].

Listen, back to my original thought, I was searching for a new fitness class and I stumbled upon this class. Soulaira is a fitness studio located in Atlanta. She specializes in twerk, yoga, pilates, and climax control. She also has merch on her website, if you’re interested.

The class began with a warm up and introduction of how to twerk. I am so glad she gave the fundamentals. I realized that the movements I was doing in the club was not right. I was using the wrong muscles and technique.

Next, she taught us several routines that included booty pop, wining, thrust, and how to walk in heels.

Listen, this class wore me out. I think every woman in America should take this class. You will learn to be sexy, how to move properly, and to love yourself. This is the most intense, fun work out you will ever do!

She ended the class with positive affirmations. I could literally feel my spirit getting lifted. This was an entirely enlightening experience. Pardon my alliteration. I guess that’s my inner English teacher coming out.

Are there any other fitness classes you’d like to see me participate in? Post it in the comments!

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