New Year Resolutions

Every year, people ask you about your New Year Resolutions.

This year, I decided to rename it. This is not my New Year Resolution. More so, goals I would like to accomplish next year. When I look back over the past two years, I am utterly grateful. I’m grateful for all of the people who encourage me and brainstorm new ideas with me.

I’ve met so many wonderful people. And, I know it’s against thug code, but I love y’all. I’m so serious. Sometimes, I sit with my friends in cars or in a lounge and we just think about all the ways we can improve in our careers, businesses, and side hustles.

In 2022, I published two books. I also created a social networking group here in Charlotte. I have made countless friendships. I changed careers (sort of). And lastly, I have found a community of people to travel and party with.

So, for next year, I plan to continue to grow my social network. I’d like to publish a few more books and host book signings. I’d love to turn my books into movies or tv shows. I’d like to continue growing my podcast. And, lastly, I’d like to continue to be a woman who creates new goals and achieve them.

What’s your plan for 2023? Comment below!


2 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions

  1. Live a fuller life…intentionally in all things. Being ok with being different; I am extraordinary and my journey must exemplify this. My happiness and joy are my responsibility and because I love me, I put me first!!!!!


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