Boss Up

I’m not sure if many of you know this, but I’ve always had the biggest crush on Rick Ross. Today, I’m crushing for a different reason. Yes, he’s beautiful, but he’s also brilliant.

Over the past few months, I’ve been transitioning careers and looking for a semi-self help book to help me get over a few hurdles. I read through a few, but none stuck out to me like “The Perfect Day to Boss Up” by Rick Ross. Published last year, it documents how he used his quarantine time to make boss moves.

There are three major take-aways that inspired me to ‘boss up’ in my own life!

  1. Goals: my favorite line from chapter 2 was “Your goals don’t give a f*ck about your excuses”. Coming up with excuses is an easy way to be lazy and not fulfill your dreams. But, months from now, will you be happy living a stagnant life? No! Time will pass regardless. Go live your life and achieve your wildest dreams.
  2. Embrace the Process: In chapter 4, he addresses how people think the road to success should be easy or quick. But, conversely, it shouldn’t. Going through the trying times help you grow and learn. By enduring hard lessons, you learn aspects of your industry that will sustain you in your career for a long time, instead of being a ‘one hit wonder’.
  3. Assess your Time: In chapter 5, he discusses the best way to spend your 24 hours. I love how real he was in stating that real people have to work a day job to support their passions. It’s exhausting, but by finding a balance, you’re able to develop a stronger focus on your passion. Life is expensive, so you cannot simply quit your job and chase your dreams. We spend so much time on social media and watching tv. Imagine if we used that time more wisely. Instead of scrolling, we could be writing or doing research. Instead of dancing on Tiktok, we could be emailing companies for advice or partnerships.

The biggest lesson I learned from this book was to use every setback as a lesson to help you improve your craft. This was a short, quick paced read, but it was jammed-packed with information that motivates you to keep going.

Just think, he started out as a street pharmacist and became the biggest boss in the business. He has multiple partnerships, deals, and brands. He continues to be innovative and rep his brand. His words really spoke to me and encouraged me to take my art by the cojones and take it to the next level.

Happy manifesting!

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