Day Trip: DC

Have you ever taken a flight out in the morning, ate, and returned that night??

A few months ago, a friend of mine who works for an airline told me that on his off days, he catches flights to other cities for brunch. I was shocked! Why hadn’t I thought of that?!

So, being the explorer I am, I quickly posted on FB to see if any of my friends were interested. Many were! However, you know how it goes when it’s time to actually book [crickets].

I did have one actual taker! So, she and I booked our flight to DC. Our flight out was 7am and our return was flight was first thing the next morning. Twenty four hours in DC.

Flight to DC

For a trip like this, you have to pack light. She laughed because it was hard for her. My boo is a model, what do you expect…lol. We literally packed a book bag [insert Dora joke here] because we’d be traversing the city all day. We packed a change of clothes, toiletries, and money. She definitely packed more than I did. We laughed later because we literally wore the same outfit the entire day.

Getting through the airport was super quick because hardly anyone was there. Security took like two seconds.


After our flight landed, our first stop was brunch. We are at Art and Soul. Let me tell you, I feel like we were on the set of Sex and the City! It was a perfectly clear day out, so we sat outside. At Art and Soul, there are tons of brunch options. We chose the Chef’s Special: it’s comes with an appetizer, entrée and dessert for a low cost of $38. We were busting at the seams by the time the dessert came around.


Next, we visited the National Museum of African American History. Words cannot describe how moving that visit was. I applaud the curators because the comprehensive coverage of African American History from the 1450s forward was well thought out and emotional. You’ll need 3+ hours to visit. Tickets are free, but you must purchase in advanced. All tickets are timed.

We cute 🥰

Afterwards, we visited the MLK Jr statue. Of course a photoshoot was done. Behind us was the most beautiful view. The water! The white buildings! A clear sky. What more could you ask for?

Flying at in front of MLK JR

Then, we ventured over to Busboys and Poets. It’s a dope vibe. Part bookstore, part restaurant. All history and black-owned. Our waitress was new, but she did her very best. The food and environment was unmatched.

We ended our adventure with a movie and chill spot. We watched Woman King at Alamo Drafthouse. Omg! The movie was phenomenal! Viola Davis never disappoints. This movie theater is a dinner theater, which is great! Food and drinks are a must! And, they have reclining leather seats.

Presidential stand at Alamo

To cap off our night, we walked across the street to Metro Bar. It’s so cool because the bar is made from trucking containers. Similar to Box yard in Durham, NC. No cover. Cheap drinks and a lit crowd. The music is varied, but dope. It’s a cool hangout spot for all ages. If you don’t want to wait in the bar line, you can have a seat and order from the QR code pasted to the table.

We wrapped up our night by checking in to our hotel. Our flight was first thing in the morning. We were so tired.

This was the quickest trip I’ve ever taken! I highly recommend trying it. We’re considering Maryland, Chicago, or Houston in the future.

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4 thoughts on “Day Trip: DC

  1. This is so dope!

    And I’m just an hour train ride away from Washington DC, so I really want to see about checking a few of these places out this year 😎

    If you’re thinking of hitting up Chicago this summer – I’d love to check that spot out with you!


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