Country Style Grill Off

Each year, Art Fennell hosts a grill off in Blenheim/ Bennettsville, South Carolina. Grill masters from all over come to showcase their best ribs and wings. We sampled food from Charlotte, all the way down to Georgia. Grill masters are judged on presentation and taste.

I was so excited to see some of my favorite grill masters. We saw CJ, from my hometown Charlotte. His ribs were so good! We also ran into Gissum, the Dragon, Den Fen, and Bimyah. Gissum’s tent was the most lit. He had a DJ and his line was wrapped around the tent.

There were thousands of people there this year. Thankfully, it didn’t rain like it did last year. If you decide to go next year, make sure to bring chairs, a tent/canopy, an umbrella, bug spray, sunscreen, shades, a large hat, and a cooler full of drinks. It gets really hot out there. There were other vendors out there besides the grill masters also. There were dessert stands, a bar (adult drinks), home decor, and laundry items.

Overall, the event was lit. There are only a few suggestions I’d like to offer. They may need to host at a fairground to help with parking and congestion. Also, there should be separate areas for the tents apart from the cars. Adding more restrooms would be ideal too. But, I would highly suggest visiting. It felt like a large family reunion.

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