Fitness for Life

My name is Shana and I have a problem.

Yes, it’s another fitness post…lol. I am totally into fitness, so I constantly find new programs and classes to keep me on my toes. I’ve written about a few programs in the past, but by far, this is the best one!

Now, I won’t tell all the details because I don’t want any legal issues. But, what I will say is, this program incorporates nutrition, exercise, and inspiration. I say nutrition instead of diet because there’s so much thought that goes into their meal plans. 

The program is $40 a week, for 8 weeks (as of March 2022). You have to wait for the new round to open before joining. I joined during the round that started January 3rd. After the 8 weeks are up, you can stay in the program for FREE for LIFE! That’s an amazing deal!

Once you join on the website, you’ll be directed to join their Facebook group. When I tell you this is the most positive, inspirational group I’ve ever been in. I’m not kidding. The founder, Jeff, and his team does lives on FB and spills the tea on how to live your best life. He also only encourages positive behavior in the group, which is why it’s so awesome.

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, or if you have health issues like diabetes, he also has micro groups where you can do the plan with assistance. He and the coaches are always on standby to help you with any questions you have. The program incorporates intermittent fasting, drinking tons of water, and eating meat and veggies!

As for me and my fitness, I’ll be sticking to this program. I’m down 15 pounds this round and I plan to do future rounds. If you’d like an accountability group, here’s how to sign up with me! Any who, here are my results:


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