What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Las Vegas

Updated 3/4/23

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When I was young, I assumed Vegas was only for old men who liked to gamble. Boy, was I wrong. So far, I’ve been three times and each time, I had a blast. And I still haven’t done everything that I want to do yet. Flights aren’t crazy expensive, so I’ll be back. For transportation, check out my good friend Ebin.

My first trip to Vegas was in the Fall of 2020. Things were still a bit weird because of the pandemic. I went with my cousin and a friend. One thing I learned on that trip was, you will definitely need a rental car while you’re there.

We visited the Grand Canyon! Depending on which side you visit, it takes between 2 to 4 hours to get to. The time zones will mess you up because Arizona does not participate in daylight savings time. While at the Grand Canyon, we took a helicopter tour. Seeing the Grand Canyon from the top was simply amazing!

Make sure to check out Old Vegas. In this area, there are mostly older hotels and casinos. There’s this overhead screen that covers the street, nearly the length of a football field. It shows videos and ads. There’s also a zipline that runs the stretch of the street. For a small fee, you can see everyone from above. I refused to get up there, obviously. On the ground, there are black circles. People can rent a circle to perform or vend. Most times, I see people either singing or dancing. Make sure to tip them.

As far as restaurants, you can’t go wrong. There are several restaurants at each hotel. You have Hell’s Kitchen, Tao, Nobu, or if you want something a little more chill you can go to the Grand Lux Cafe’. Most hotels also have spas and pools. There are bars with all sorts of unique drinks. And, finally, most hotels have a casino at the bottom. I did not have good luck at the casino. I only lost $40, but still. If you want, you don’t really even have to leave your hotel. Unless you want to experience other things.

On my second visit, it was more of a romantic trip. My homegirl got married. Yay!!! So, of course I brought bae. My version of romance may be a bit different than others. We are an outdoors family. So, we decided to go ATV riding. OMG!! We had a blast! If you go, I highly recommend Sun Buggy. It’s a little pricey, but you ride for an hour. It’s worth it. We drove to the location, but if you do not have a car, a shuttle will pick you up from your hotel. They also have dune buggies, if you’re into that. 

After our ride, we drove nearly 30 minutes outside of the city to visit Seven Magic Mountains. It’s the arrangement of colorful rocks in the middle of nowhere. It was absolutely beautiful. The sun was sitting high in the sky and the warmth was just right. It was a perfect 73 degrees in the middle of February. 

Lastly, make sure to check out live shows. We came out to watch Usher’s production. It is a must see. Spend all ya money. You only live once. We actually got a great deal through MGM. With their package, you get VIP tickets to the show, two night stay, and free entry with drinks to the afterparty at On the Record. Music guests make surprise appearances. We saw the dancers from Usher’s show and Sammy popped by. Rumor is, Usher popped by, but we were gone by then. It was late.

There are a ton of other things I still want to do in the future. Hopefully, I’ll come back in a few months to knock a few more things off of my list:

Hoover Dam

Neon Museum

Bellagio Fountains

Mob Museum

Hoover Dam

Red Rock Canyon

Cirque Du Soleil

Venetian Canals

Eiffel Tower Experience

What’s your favorite thing to do in Vegas?

Usher in concert

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