As an administrator, I often tell the kids to block whomever is bothering them on social media or on their cell phone. The funny thing is, in real life, I have a hard time blocking people. I am often told that I’m too nice. It’s true. I try to listen to everyone’s perspective and give way too many chances. Until this weekend. 

I received a text from an old high school friend. The text exchange was pretty cordial up to a point. Then, it went sideways. I told the individual that I didn’t want to continue the conversation anymore. He insisted, so I had to block him. It hurt at first because I’ve known this person for a long time. However, the thing that made me block him was me.

The one thing that I noted, which caused me to block this peer, was my personal temperature. A few days prior, someone shared a post that resonated with me. The post said, “Someone asked me if I was tired of this cold world. My response is that I’m controlling the temperature around me. End of story.” And I thought about something. If a friend only pops in your life once every blue moon and causes you to get this upset, is it worth them having access to you? 

I decided that moving forward, if someone disrupts my peace, I am letting them go. I refuse to let stress from unnecessary people get to me. Instead, I choose to use my energy on people who love me. People who will always be there to support me in all of my endeavors. People who ask me how my day is and check to see if I made it home safely. People who want to travel with me.

We only have one life. I am living it to the fullest. In the words of Lil’ Duval, “I’m living my best life. I ain’t going back and forth with you.”

What have you blocked from your life?


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