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Lit Lash Lounge

As you know, I love Charlotte. I’m pretty sure I say that in every blog I write. Well, here it is again. One of the other reasons I love Charlotte, besides the weather and lovely summer activities, is because of my friends. 

When the pandemic first began, we were all stuck in the house. While we were stuck, a new movement began on social media. We all began joining groups. I joined several “Charlotte women looking for friends” groups; probably about three or four. When I tell you this has given me life!! I’m not exaggerating. 

These groups offered activities every week for girls to participate in and meet new people. I’ve developed so many wonderful friendships and created so many networking opportunities through them.

Previously, we’ve participated in tailgating, horseback riding, a winery tour, and most recently a girls’ trip to Destin. So, last night, we participated in a completely new experience (for most of us). This was definitely my first time. We made candles. 

Tailgating at the Panther’s Stadium

The event was posted a few weeks ago. Included was a candle making kit, wine, hors d’oeuvres, desserts, and of course laughter with friends. The activity was held at Lit Lash Lounge. Lit Lash Lounge was founded in 2021 and is located off of E. W. T. Harris BLVD. Lit Lash Lounge is a candle, lash bar, and boutique. They sell lashes, candles, and everything ladies love. As a candle bar, you can create your own custom candles right in the store!

We began the event by networking. Most of the women in these groups own businesses or have side hustles. I love how everyone has created a business for themselves or are going back to school to advance their careers. Dynamic women. 

Then, our host came around and explained the directions. One the table, there were several fragrances to choose from. Or, you could pick one from the shelf on the back wall. I chose Lemon Pound Cake. We did 1 part fragrance, two parts wax. The weird part was how warm it was to the touch. I guess that makes sense, so you can pour it. We had a cute little tin, black on the outside and gold on the inside. The wick was long and it had to be held by a bar to stay upright. Unfortunately, it takes over 45 minutes for the wax to solidify, so I had to leave it. She said we could pick it up in a day or two.

Overall, the experience was excellent. I loved the vittles and the ambiance. 

Please check out Lit Lash Lounge when you have some time!


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