Girl’s Trip: Destin, FL

Destin, Florida

When I initially decided to blog this trip, I was torn between focusing on the destination itself, or putting together a girl’s trip. So, I decided to do a little bit of both. Plus, my twitter fam did not help me specifically choose which one to focus on when I asked. Yes, I’m judging you Twitter fam. Follow me on TikTok too!

I am a part of multiple friend groups in Charlotte, both online and in person. Different groups of friends serve for different purposes. For all intents and purposes, this group’s, the one I traveled with, primary focus is a fun group. Some of my friend groups are conservative or business related. This, however, is not that group. Now, I will not be a bone collector (see Sheree Whitfield on RHOA), but I will cover things you can do on a girl’s trip to Destin, Florida.

First things first, a few months ago, one of my homegirls messaged everyone to set up a girl’s trip. She gave us a few choices and dates. We agreed on Destin in November. Hindsight being 20/20, we should have chosen a warmer location. Who knew Destin would be cold in November?!?! I had flashbacks to last year when I went to Vegas in November. I froze my butt off. Literally.

Las Vegas, Nov. 2020

Moving forward, I will not do a US trip in November. Invite me to Mexico, South America or an island, perhaps.  US after October, nope!

Back to my main point, if you decide to plan a girl’s trip, please do it how my homegirl did it. This was probably the most thought-out girl’s trip I’ve been on, which I did not have to plan myself. I must say, I’m a decent planner. But, it was nice to not have to plan.

The destination was beautiful. Destin, Florida is located on the panhandle in Northwest Florida. From Charlotte, the flight was about an hour and a half. Not too expensive either. However, the price may differ in the summer, since this was considered the “off season”. The airport is very small. Also, Uber is unreliable in Destin, so please pre-arrange pick up with a taxi service before you arrive. We stayed in an airbnb in walking distance to the beach and Waffle House.

If you ever decide to visit Destin, there are a few activities you should definitely participate in. You should head to Harbor Landing where a plethora of things are available. They have restaurants, shopping, and outdoor activities. Some ladies went ziplining. Others went jet skiing. We decided to do a sunset tiki cruise. It was so beautiful, and we saw dolphins! You pack your own drinks and food and head to the boat. The driver will play any music you like and let you ride throughout the harbor to Crab Island. Crab Island is where everyone hangs out. You park your boat, play in the water, and drink/eat all day. 

Back at the house, our itinerary had some structure as well. The girl’s trip house events included:

Back at the house, our itinerary had some structure as well. The girl’s trip house events included:

Pajama party with games

Summer Dress Brunch

All Black swimsuit photoshoot

All Black Dinner

Rep your team photoshoot

During the day, we walked over to the beach and chilled. Some participated in beach karaoke, while others read or just relaxed. We were so fortunate to see two weddings being set up on the beach. Adorable. I wish I had done a beach wedding. The only scary part was the freaking birds. A group beside us decided to feed the seagulls. It felt like I was in a scary movie. The birds started swarming everywhere. No snacks for you!

We ended our last night at Coyote Ugly. It was even better than the movie. Plus, they had heaters! As the girls danced the night away, I stood by the heater the entire time. I’m sorry but if I am cold, I am miserable. They looked cute though! In addition, a few of the girls were celebrating birthdays, so the environment was perfect!

Now, if you decide to plan a girl’s trip, there are a few things I think you should consider. One, make sure everyone who asks to go can actually afford to go. It’s no fun going with someone who is penny pinching. Next, make sure the group either signs a waiver or discloses any possible health issues. We can’t help you if something goes wrong. Also, buy trip insurance in case of an emergency. Bring your actual insurance card in case you need a doctor and an emergency credit card for crazy expenses. If you’re cold like me, pack a coat or fuzzy blanket. Keep your phone charged and tell the group who your emergency contact person is. Don’t drink too much! Be responsible!

I hope you enjoyed this read. Where are you and your friends planning to go?


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