Booked: A Novel

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Cymone, the owner of a popular bookstore in Atlanta, thinks she has her entire life together. She has a great circle of friends, a sexy man in her life, and a booming business.

Suddenly, everything begins to fall apart. She visits her dad and realizes that she has blocked all of the memories of her sister. What happened to her? The man she was so in love with has a secret of his own.

She must learn to love again, forgive herself, and live through the past traumas to heal.

Preview Chapter:


She stood there facing the crowd. She had a large typed printed page in front of her to cue her lines. Her hands were sweaty and her pulse was racing. She readjusted the papers to ensure she began on the correct page. The papers sat properly between her perfectly polished black gel nails. She inhaled deeply to calm her nerves before she began. In the audience, she saw her dear friends, her handsome nephew, and her father sitting beside his caretaker. She knew the essence of her words would change everyone’s world.

“Many years ago, a life was taken and it changed everything.

The life belonged to my dear sister.

For the past few years, my brain couldn’t figure out 

how to put her transition into words.

I couldn’t remember.

But now, I remember what happened.

I have to correct a wrong and tell the truth.

Dear sister, I miss you.

This book is dedicated to you.

I love you!”

Chapter 1

The chilly afternoon made the day feel better. It was the perfect day for a long wool winter coat, paired with a cozy scarf. Boots compliment the look and provide additional warmth, especially when there is nothing else under the coat. Cymone sat in her cherry red Land Rover with tan leather seats comfy, cruising down Peach Tree. She felt warm with excitement as she decided to surprise him. She turned into a small community of townhomes, admiring how statuesque the bare trees stood in front of the homes. 

Cymone felt a bit nervous, but determined to create a scene. She turned into the narrow driveway and parked, turning off the ignition. She pulled down her mirror and checked to make sure she looked the part. Her curls were dancing all over her head. Red lipstick, black eyeliner, and glitter shimmered on her face. Cymone closed the mirror and grabbed her purse, walking to the front door. The door was cracked open. Through the sliver, she could see him sitting in the middle of the kitchen, next to the island.

Cymone opened the front door and quietly sauntered in. James turned and stared at her. She paused. He placed his pointer finger over his lips, “Shhh”. He was on a conference call.  Cymone quietly turned the handle of the door to ensure it made as little noise as possible as she closed it. She placed her purse on the sofa closest to the door, then walked over to the island. She stood opposite of him, staring and trying to read his body language.

“So, the reports for this quarter are looking positive,” the voice on the computer spoke. James was listening, but stared at Cymone. She stood at the edge of the island noticing how James stared at her like she was a tasty meal. She slowly untied her belted wool coat and allowed it to hang open, revealing her midnight black lingerie. James’ mouth dropped open in surprise. Cymone leaned on top of the island seductively, not wanting to be accidentally seen. She picked up her cellphone to text James.

“Can they see you?”

“No. Come here.” James looked at Cymone as she placed her phone down and reached to untie her belt.


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