Best Group Fitness Programs CLT Edition

As you know, I’m a fitness connoisseur. Not because I’m trying to be fancy, but because I have terrible genes. My family easily gains weight. We’ve noticed this from the time we were born. All of us were born large and continued to get bigger as we aged. So, in middle school, my mom bought me my first gym membership and the rest is history. You can read about my weight loss journey here.

Now, I work out frequently here in Charlotte at Planet Fitness. I’m at the weight I love and am not trying to lose anymore weight. I love my curves. However, every once in a while I like to spice things up. So, I try different group fitness classes to give me a little jolt. Out of all the group fitness classes I’ve taken, these have been my favorite. Please check them out!

Mad Miles Run Club

I was recently on Tiktok and came across the craziest running group I’ve ever seen. There are tons of CLT people in this group. This running club meets twice a week: on Tuesday at Camp Northend 6:30pm and on Saturday at Elizabeth Park at 10am. It’s free to run with them. At each corner of the lap, there are people standing there to encourage you. After the two mile (I think) run, there is a whole party. They have a DJ, an MC, everything. People sing and dance. It’s lit.

Camp Northend

Body party fitness

Body Party Fitness

Led by the incredible Maxie Williams, Body Party Fitness is a fun and dynamic disguise of cardio that will usher you into an electrifying, high-energy dance fitness experience that you will never forget! Dance to classic and contemporary Hip Hop and R&B music that will be sure to get your heart rate up and break a sweat.

Alpha Funderburk

Thomas Funderburk, a personal trainer, nutritionist, and exercise therapist in the Charlotte area. He is  typically known for high energy fitness classes, catchy motivational sayings and more importantly, dedication to others during their health and fitness journeys. He has been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years.  Most systems of exercise has a high rate of injuries which is why he decided to launch Alpha Funderburk Exercise Therapy (AFET)

Alpha Funderburk

E2M Fitness

The E2M 8-Week Challenge is a virtual weight loss-based program for adults.

The program provides you with a workout and meal plan that changes weekly. The workouts are designed to challenge all fitness levels and can be done at home or in the gym whenever is convenient for you. The meal plan is supplement-free and consists of whole food options you can choose from.

E2M at Freedom Park

AIP Fitness

AIP at Hornet’s Nest Park

A personal guide people to LOSE WEIGHT while getting STRONGER and helping others VIRTUALLY do the same. He does individual and group fitness classes at his studio. Visit him at

Soca Fitness

The ever popular genre of Soca is a combination of Caribbean soul music and calypso. The strong drums, horns, and steel pan give the feel of being at the Carnival celebrations of the West Indies and you cannot help but move your body.

These up tempo beats and rhythms from the many island of the Caribbean, have been synchronized with exercise to form a fresh new way to get fit called “SocaFit USA®”.formally known as “Socacise”. Her studio is located off of Albermarle Rd. here in Charlotte.

Soca at Victoria Yard in Uptown Charlotte

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