Belize Me

The best little gem in Central America!

Anyways!!! So, my family wanted to do a group trip. I did some research on places we haven’t all been and found this little gem on one of my many Facebook travel groups. We booked it! I booked everything through Expedia. 

Belize sits on the northeast corner of Central America, bordered by Mexico and Guatemala. It was once owned by the British, and gained their independence in the 1980s. Because of its unique location and history, there’s a huge variety of diversity in the area. 

Our journey began in Charlotte first thing in the morning. FYI, there are not many flights that go to Belize, so please keep that in mind when booking. We boarded our flight, super excited. But that quickly came to an end when they announced that our plane needed maintenance. Keep in mind that we had a connection in Miami. We missed it. 

Once we finally made it to Miami, we had to spend the night, as there were no more flights out that day. Thankfully, we were able to switch our flight to the next day at no charge. I am not naming the airline because they are my favorite and it was not their fault, necessarily. Plus, they took care of the situation. Also, Expedia was able to fix our hotel situation. We decided to stay an extra day in Belize, since we lost a day.  The next morning, we were able to catch a flight to Belize.

Before coming, there are a few things you’ll need to do. You do not have to worry about converting their money. They take US dollars; it’s a 2 to 1 rate. Meaning, if something costs 2 Belize dollars, you only pay 1 US dollar. Make sure to either have your vaccination card or get a covid test within 3 days of coming. You must book at a gold star resort. All that means is, your hotel must be on their approved list. It’s available at Belize does currently have a curfew, due to the pandemic. You must be back at your resort by 9pm. On the resort itself, you can roam around any time you want.

We landed in Belize City at Philip S W Goldson International Airport, on the mainland. But that wasn’t our final destination. Our final destination was San Pedro. San Pedro is an island in Belize. To get there, you will need to take a ferry from the mainland. Outside the airport, there are several taxis, so don’t worry about booking in advance. It’s only $25 from the airport to the Ocean Ferry. A roundtrip ticket for the ferry to and from your island is $34. The other option is buying a $75 flight on a small plane. The ferry runs every two hours. Also, inside, they have snacks, drinks, souvenirs, and places to sit. You’re not just chilling outside. 

We loaded the boat and headed to our island. Once there, we were greeted by our resort driver. If you’re not staying at a resort, you can either get a taxi or walk. However, check the distance before walking. Our resort was not within walking distance. The area near the ferry is like a downtown area. There are bars and restaurants. Cute shops. Also, many instagram worthy photo ops. 

We stayed at Mahogany Bay. This resort is absolutely gorgeous. It does kind of give off plantation vibes, but it’s definitely luxurious. The check in area is literally called “The Great House”. But, it’s all good. The cost is very affordable. The only negative thing is, it’s not all inclusive. So, you’ll end up charging all of the food, drinks, and activities to your room. Which means you pay for it at check out. I booked it with a credit card, to avoid random charges and to earn points. The food is pretty affordable, though. The rooms are all separated into small cottages. It’s like having your own little house. Pictures and videos are better than any description I could give.

Great qualities about our resort. So, you’ll definitely need a golf cart to get around the resort and off the resort. On the island, there are very few cars. Everyone drives golf carts. If you rent from the resort, you can either pay $55 for 8 hours or $80 for 24 hours. I’d advise renting it from the resort as opposed to in town because you’ll get free gas and insurance. In the city, it’s cheaper, but you’ll have to cover gas and insurance yourself. It adds up. Also, make sure that when you’re driving, you keep your license on you. The police will definitely check at random points in the city. If you rent a cart, make sure to check out Secret Beach and the bars located on the frontage road (it’s a sketchy looking dirt road, but it’s super fun). My favorite bar was Losers. They had a DJ and you can get in the water at the back of the restaurant, to jet ski! 

The resort offers a ton of things for you to do, other than eating and drinking at the plethora of restaurants. Excursions are available upon request. Excursions include snorkeling, visiting the Mayan Ruins, and fishing. You can do fitness classes like yoga. There’s a huge pool. You can get a massage, either at the studio or they’ll come to your room. And, you can get your hair and nails done. Our resort also has a private beach. The boat takes you to a private island complimentary; it runs once per hour. On the island, you can rent an over-water cabana. There are complimentary paddle boards and kayaks to play on. Food and drinks are available for a small fee. Everything on the island is billed to the room, so you don’t have to carry cash around. Lastly, a covid test is offered on site. So, you don’t have to worry about scheduling it for your return.

In my opinion, this is a great vacation for couples. I’m not sure how things were pre-pandemic, but it was pretty chill while I was here. If you’d like to get details like these from my Jamaica trip, tell me in the comments!


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