Tennessee Whiskey

As you know, I am somewhat known as the Queen of Charlotte. However, a few other cities have piqued my interest in my travels. I love Miami! And Philly. But over the past few years, another city creeped into my heart. I began my love affair with Nashville several years ago.

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Have you ever met someone and immediately fell in love? I did, but it was with a city. Somehow, I knew I loved Nashville as soon as I booked my flight. I could feel it. He seduced me with his beautiful murals (y’all know how much I love artwork), the ambiance, and the culture. 

Before I became an assistant principal, I taught. I frequently attended conferences or professional development conventions to continually improve my craft. After a while, I began presenting at conferences. I discussed topics such as metacognition and the power of positive energy. I attended conferences in Orlando, Baltimore and New Orleans. But this particular year, 2016, I attended a conference in Nashville. It was my first time visiting the city. And, OMG, I fell in love with it. You always hear about future brides coming here for their bachelorette weekends, and now I know why.

I flew into BNA from Charlotte on a quick 50 minute flight. A seamless transition. I was able to rent a car at the airport relatively easily. I was able to navigate the city pretty easily as well. For this conference, we stayed at Opryland. OMG! Gorgeous! This resort has everything you need for a vacation. Restaurants, shows, shopping! There was a boat ride that goes through the resort. The food was superb! The alcohol is strong. By the way, no matter where you go in Nashville, the alcohol is strong. So, be careful. At the end of the night, there was a cute little water and light show in the center of the resort. Being that the conference was at the hotel, I only ventured out once. I simply stayed on site for the duration, but I knew I wanted to go back.

About a year or so later, I did just that. I came back and stayed downtown near Broadway. The city is so beautiful. In the morning, I got up and went for a run across the bridge. The view from up top is so dope. You can see the Titans stadium and the river. Around the city, I saw several others who were running, as well.

John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

After my run, I showered and went to brunch at Sambuca’s. Y’all, they have freaking live music in the morning. I ate my brunch in a cute little booth listening to music with the perfect ambiance. This was the first time I was introduced to the song, ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ by Chris Stapelton. When the music first began, I thought they were about to play Etta James. I adore her music. So, I was apprehensive at the change, but then I fell in love with the song. I immediately downloaded it on my phone.


I took a mural tour after brunch. There is artwork everywhere. My favorite was the butterfly wings. For dinner, I went to BB Kings. I don’t need to elaborate. It was dope! Not only was the food great, but they also had a live band performing. At pretty much every restaurant, there’s live music. Because, this is freaking Nashville!

Fast forward to now, I had another opportunity to visit. For the past year and a half, everywhere was practically closed down and most conferences were virtual. Until now, conferences and workshops have resumed. And, I am so happy they did. I had another opportunity to visit Nashville for business. YASSSS….

While here, I decided to visit the newly opened National Museum of African American Music. Each decade from before slavery to present was on display. The fashion, the music, and the social changes. The museum is completely interactive, with opportunities to mix your own beats, watch performances from artists past and present, and listening booths to explore music through the ages. The gift shop is a dream with books, clothing, and cute souvenirs that highlight well known artists. I made sure to pick up a RUN DMC shirt. I became famished after spending hours in the museum, so I asked a security guard about any good restaurants close by. She directed me to the slew of eateries behind the museum. Places like Cava, Hattie B’s, etc. But what stood out was Slim and Husky’s. I had heard about them online for years. So, that was my next stop!

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At Slim and Husky’s, the food choices are insane. It’s pizza like you’ve never had it before. You get to choose between a slim or husky. Being that I cannot eat much, I went with slim. I ordered a PREAM. It had mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, bacon, and cheese. OMG!!! The crust had like a garlicy flair to it. And, y’all, they have alcohol!!!! I got the Moscow Mule. Make sure to get a cup of water because that drink was strong AF. After that meal, I had no choice but to go back to my room and lay down. I couldn’t function after that.

Slim and Husky’s

I was so sad that my trip was coming to an end. On my way to my gate for my flight, I became even more sad. At a restaurant I was passing, a live musician began playing ‘Tennessee Whiskey’. I had to fight back the tears. I sat at my gate listening to the tail end of the song and reminiscing about all of my adventures here.

I won’t be too sad though because I am certain that I will be back.


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