Level Up

Today was terrible! My cell phone would not work!

Most mornings, I ride to work with my hip hop blasting and windows wide open. I don’t appear to be thug life, but I love the music and the bass. Today was different. On my ride in, I had a voicemail notification from my boss. I listened to the message, then tried to call him back. Oddly, my phone would not connect. I also noted that I did not have a missed call, so how did I get a voicemail message?

I continued on with my day. When I got to work, I tried to send my usual ‘Good Morning’ messages to my friends. The messages were marked ‘Failed’. I thought, “That’s odd!”  Once I stepped into the school, I connected to the school’s wifi and all of these messages began to pour into my phone. I received 11 texts, 2 from messenger, 1 from WhatsApp, 3 instagram notifications, and 1 facebook notification. Why did I receive all of these messages at the same time?

When I left work, I could no longer respond to messages. So, I tried to call my husband. That’s when I knew something was seriously wrong. I checked the bars at the top of my phone and there was an x in place of the five bars. I was very upset. Between my family and my job, I use my phone for everything; email, calls, texts, social media, and zoom. I felt lost and betrayed.

I rushed home and calmly (not at all) told my husband that we need to go to the Sprint store to figure out what’s wrong with my phone. It felt like I was in a video game. Level 1, we went to the “Sprint store” in Rivergate. It was closed. Apparently, I failed to realize that Sprint and T-Mobile merged. So, we had to drive to a different shopping center to find the T-Mobile store. 

Once we got there, we explained to the tech what was going on. She took my sim card out and tried restarting my phone. It still wouldn’t connect to the network. She told me that I needed a new sim card, but that they do not carry Sprint cards. She directed us to another T-Mobile store, Level 2.

We made it to the second store. We walked straight to the desk and proudly stated that I needed a new sim card. I explained that we went to the previous T-Mobile store and they stated that I needed a new sim card. Without hesitation, the guy went to the back and retrieved one. He came out and took my phone. After several minutes, he looked up at me and said, “It’s not the sim card. I don’t know what’s going on, but even when I put the new one in, it won’t connect to the network.”

 At this point, I was frustrated up to my eyebrow follicles. He also indicated that he can’t do anything, but that I should go to the lead store where they have technicians who specialize in Sprint phones; Level 3. So, I asked, “What time does the store close?” I felt like I was on a bad video game where I had to complete levels to fight the biggest villain at the end to win the game. He indicated that the store closes at 7pm. At this point, it was 6pm. Right as I was about to have an emotional meltdown, it began to rain.

As I walked back to the car, I was at a loss for words. I was hungry, disappointed, and wet from the rain. My husband didn’t speak, as well. We headed over to the LAST LEVEL!! At this point, it was pouring rain and the parking lot was jammed pack. He let me out of the truck in front of the store to find a parking spot. I ran into the store looking crazy. I ran to the desk, nearly crying, and said, “My phone won’t make calls, it’s not my sim card, please HELP!!”.

 The tech looked at me blankly and said, “What type of phone is it and is it Sprint or T-Mobile?” 

“It’s a Samsung Galaxy and I’m with Sprint.”

“Give me your phone. Go walk around, this update will take 10 minutes.”

“Ok,” I said in a raspy voice.

I paced back and forth, waiting for my phone to be fixed. Looking at all the overpriced accessories on the walls. After a while, the tech walked over and handed me my phone.

“Here, it’s fixed.”

“What was wrong with it?”

“When the companies merged, they sent out a network update. Apparently, your phone didn’t get the update. So, I updated it.”

At that moment, I realized where I went wrong. Monday, I got home from work and was utterly exhausted. I remember seeing an update request on my phone. I remember laying in bed and pressing the download button, but that’s the last thing I remember. I fell asleep with my phone in my hand. Apparently, my phone did not finish the update. The next morning, I turned my phone on and went on with my day. The glitch progressively got worse throughout the week. By Wednesday, it barely worked at all.

One thing I learned from this experience is my dependency on my phone. But, how do I get better? Any tips??

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