Marek and Saniah’s Pirate Adventure

During quarantine, I began to spend a ton more time with my kids. We became obsessed with making up stories to help us pass the time. Because of our big imaginations, we decided to write some of our stories down for publication later. The kids insisted that we actually publish the book. I reached out to my painter friends to help me find an illustrator. My friend Damon introduced me to William. We met virtually and began to visualize the book. After months of work, we finally published our first book.

I have always been in love with reading. It has been the one constant in my life. It has helped me live while growing up in poverty. I read constantly. I lived vicariously through the characters. Now, I decided to allow my children to be characters themselves. Our pirate adventure is the first in a series of imagination adventures. The book is available for purchase now on Amazon.

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